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Below you can find the proceedings where Pridentum-pro Kft appointed as liquidator.

Liquidation proceedings – felszámolási eljárások

Bankruptcy proceedings – csődeljárások

Asset setlement proceedings – vagyonrendezési eljárások

Simplified liquidation proceedings – egyszerűsített eljárások

Winding-up proceedings – végelszámolások

Related to simplified proceedings we are informing you that in the charts of the liquidations in process, in respect of the businesses being liquidated the assets of the indebted are not adequate to cover even the charges of the liquidation, also due to the absence of the records and the bookkeeping the liquidation process is basically impossible to be carried out according to the general rules due to technical reasons.

The liquidator according to the above mentioned informs the creditors that he wishes to submit a simplified liquidation petition to the assigned Court of Justice in respect of the marked processes.

We request that in any case you have or receive information about the debtors’ any assets (meaning any personal assets or property, let that be collectable or asset right as well) or in any event can help during the process for it to go by the rules please due so inform the liquidators within 15 days.

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Notice of tenders

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